Apparels with a peaceful message.

           A reminder to practice mindfulness.

       A message that could help others to wake up.

   A step toward a more compassionate world.

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Fact Sheet

At Blooming Lotus Design we believe that the messages from Thich Nhat Hanh’s brush must be matched by the environmental and social practices involved in putting this garment into your hands. We have spent years researching harmless ways to grow cotton, knit it into fabric, dye it and screen it. It’s not just a tee shirt, it’s a healthy revolution in how we clothe ourselves. Plus, 100% of profits go to benefit the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation. Wear it in peace.

How We Treat Our Cotton

Duke NguyenDuke NguyenAll Blooming Lotus apparel is created from “suffering-free” and non harmful growing practices. Where conventional cotton uses carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides, fumigants and defoliants, Blooming Lotus cotton is grown organically using only natural fertilizers that are created at the field locations, and our growers raise insects that prey upon those pests that eat cotton. Add plenty of clean fresh water and sunshine and you have a crop that is safe for wildlife, birds, insects and the health of the migrant workers that harvest it. These practices are verified to strict organic standards by OEKO-TEX.

How We Treat Our People

Duke NguyenThere are two communities of workers that provide Blooming Lotus Design with their cotton and finished apparel.One is the field workers themselves, who plant and harvest our cotton crop in Southern India. These are primarily women, often with their children, who are particularly vulnerable to a wide range of chemicals that are used in conventional cotton fields. In our case, they and their families can work and play in our cotton fields with no adverse effects.

The second community of workers is those in our partner factories in Pakistan. All our workers are treatedwith deep respect, to standards established by Social Accountability International (see below). A third party certifier thn ensures we uphold these high standards by auditing our factories annually (this includes the knitting, dying, cutting, sewing, printing, of your garment.

Our Certifications
Duke Nguyen
This SA 8000 certification ensures protection of basic human rights of all workers, including child labor, forced labor, health and safety, discrimination, etc.
Duke Nguyen
This ISO 14001 certification ensures that all practices within our factories are non harmful and/or are beneficial to the environment including use of chemicals, water treatment.
Duke Nguyen
This OEKO-TEX certification verifies that our cotton is environmentally friendly